Erin is  a writer, inspirational speaker, and self love influencer for women. She is the founder of the Just Love Thyself movement that has been taking the online world by storm. Her focus is to guide women through healing and developing an intimate relationship with God. She has hosted virtual womens conferences as well as as e-courses as a way to reach women all over the globe.

I just try to be who I needed growing up. Every woman needs a place to be encouraged, inspired, and supported, and that’s why I am here. Thats the work I am called to do.”

Erin’s Story

Erin began her love for writing as a child. She would create short stories and poetry and leave them all over the house for her grandmother to find.  This was a therapeutic outlet for her since she was struggling with childhood molestation, and learning the significance of her voice and story.

Growing older Erin struggled deeply with her walk in faith, relationships, and finding her place in the world. By the age of 20 she walked away from two year relationship that was extremely physically, and emotionally abusive. As she began to try and rebuild her life she struggled deeply with self esteem issues.

After hitting rock bottom multiple times, Erin finally took a step towards developing a deep relationship with God. Which was trying because she had many negative experiences with church growing up as a child. As she began to grow in her faith, and studies, her passion to teach surfaced. Knowing that she had been saved multiple times throughout her lifetime by God, she vowed to begin to help women who have been struggling with similar issues. She began using her life experiences as an inspirational speaker, and has spent the past four years traveling the U.S. with her workshops for women. She specializes in helping women to overcome great obstacles, pursue their purpose, and to love themselves  through the power of Christ.

Now Erin is sharing her journey with others through her podcast Just Love Thyself, where she shares her comical yet turbulent journey of self-love through spoken word, and sheer transparency. Be sure to listen and become about of the Podcast family! Click below to check out her latest episode.

“Learning to see and love yourself through the eyes of Christ is not only a process, but it must become a lifestyle.” -E. Elise

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